Friday, 20 December 2013

The Day Shall Declare It

Marylebone Gardens being converted into a 1930s environment for the setting of The Day Shall Declare It - Being produced in conjunction with Theatre Delicatessen

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Tech - Theatre Re

Tech Rehearsal for The Little Soldiers - Theatre Re

Aurora the Bear

Greenpeace's message to companies wishing to destructively exploit the Arctic for monetary gain. Puppeteered by 17 puppeteers at once, designed by Christopher Kelly and Created by Factory Settings to look as if ‘she’s been dragged from under the sea’!

Monday, 15 July 2013


Immersive Production - Crashed produced as part of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea's Intransit festival with company Immer-City

Monday, 29 April 2013


Have been working ever since that last post between our show and the Angel. Folded Feather's - Nice (a sort of trippy macarbre Magic Roundabout with a lot owing to Terry Gilliam) has just been in for it's last shows of the tour and were an utter joy to setup and work.