Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Lighting and tech notes first week Journey Home

Monday 23/3/15
Stero capactiy, Arron based in Hackney has pair of speakers to test moving and panning.
speak to jason re touring board.
Mon, tues wed, whole show soaked up
Thurs 2nd arron recording in studio, needs prayer bowl.
5 minute slots will be the order of the day
Carpet roll for ground sheet
Carpet roll for Back screen
Setup of back screen – Tent poles, through sleeve, pole without metal is end piece
Elastic onto picnic table
Table not load bearing
Storage bags for rolls of floor and screen
Elephant workshopping
tension, gunshot
Song rendition
Trees reach into the ground and the roots spread
Searching for something to drink
It all begins underground
Roots then rise up the branches grow
all begins underground
Roots then rising up the branches grow
it all begins underground
Up in the canopy
leaf bird and butterfly
Up in the canopy
Sunlight is dappling down
it all begins underground
- in the canopy
- bird and butterfly
- in the canopy
Sunlight is dappling down
it all begins underground
ar 1
tr 2
end song 1
Packing up every evening, screen can go against wall
Into space
Glasses music
Fish try-outs
First 5 minutes of performance work-shopped.
Timber for bottom of backing, timber arm bolted, washered onto timber cross, to the attach lower down screen, anchoring it in place. Metal plate holding screen 10mm off ground.
End of song – post aroura away.
Sun rises as polar bear plays
sun becomes too much, rises in warmth and fervour.
ice breaks
Shadow lights behind
Discussion over end of show
dodo at end of the show
“#### as a Dodo”
light at end of the tunnel
Rope light and LED lights approved for edgings.
Of course you can go home,
when the ice caps reform, when tusk hunting ends, when cities stop expanding... bring back songs in order from each animal.
Aurora song at end.
Sounds of Wind, sea, birds – Jess compiling
Steve asked for possibility of more lanterns, for a RGB and an open white possibility?
Show is 53 minutes long currently
Machine gun Portishead
City song
Sun rise, bear fishes, into
Polar bear becoming isolated
Ice breaks away, polar bear takes to the water
Leather tabs or loops on back of polar bear feet
Knee pads
Strap for base of boat will free up arrons hand for boat
At end of boat with bear, OHP fade back in Bamboo
RGBW lights either side, forego the ropelights
lush, greenness for entrance of panda
each RGB slide to have dappled effect of different shades.
Presets discussed
SM in hard hat, making sure all fire exits spaced, rachel starts offstage, Arron onstage playing.
Bamboo grows throughout the land,
Bring it down,
Let us build a city grand,
See the ships are coming in,
Oil oil
Silk Silk
Ivory from far away,
Bridges blocks of houses
Lets build
Sky High
Sky High
Bring us yer famous engineer,

Aeroplanes are flying high

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The Nether - post show talk

Dan , Director, Ezra set designer and Luke gave post show discussion, the future of theatre design
How tech effects design from the start? etymology of tech is Techni - Craft skill, logos - talk/communicate.
Newness releases dopamine, TSElliot, we're always finding new words to Sat what we don't need to say.
Luke finds tech is same but smaller and quieter. Practical solutions can always be found. - telly is the console, not a touchscreen desk.
Green screen, cheat scan.
Rob ellapage
Rob Wilson
Break the rectangle!
The live projection - is live, tiny cameras.
Phalanx of viewers.
Periphery wishlist
Stratford station - two actors, one crowd
Art/life, design/tech
"Read the material"
"Frame of reference"