Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The Nether - post show talk

Dan , Director, Ezra set designer and Luke gave post show discussion, the future of theatre design
How tech effects design from the start? etymology of tech is Techni - Craft skill, logos - talk/communicate.
Newness releases dopamine, TSElliot, we're always finding new words to Sat what we don't need to say.
Luke finds tech is same but smaller and quieter. Practical solutions can always be found. - telly is the console, not a touchscreen desk.
Green screen, cheat scan.
Rob ellapage
Rob Wilson
Break the rectangle!
The live projection - is live, tiny cameras. Cctvfirst.co.uk
Phalanx of viewers.
Periphery wishlist
Stratford station - two actors, one crowd
Art/life, design/tech
"Read the material"
"Frame of reference"

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