Monday, 26 September 2016

BP Kraken - Giant puppet design, make and perform

I was head designer, maker and performer upon this large scale moving puppet.

The British Museum receive sponsorship from Oil drilling company BP, the Organisation 'To BP or not BP' have staged a year of protest against this bizarre collusion of Arts and Culture with ruthless greedy business. The 'BP Kraken' is a huge puppet symbolising BP's continuing underhand practice to theatrically bring the subject into the minds of museum goers and put pressure on the British Museum to cease this alliance.

First concept sketch
Simplified sketch showing primary objective for Kraken's appearance

CAD Model of how Kraken could be operated
The complete Kraken!

Reactions from the press:

ITV  -

Bizarre protest against BP sponsorship at British Museum uses theatre, mermaids and seas shanties to 'summon a Kraken'

Hundreds of 'mermaid' activists stage protest at British Museum

Protesters storm British Museum with massive kraken for ‘splashmob’

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