Monday, 3 September 2012

First Blog - an introduction, or a bunch of excuses...

So, a lot to catch up on, the first 7 years are a bit hazy. Finished Uni, did graphic design whilst stacking paper as a marketing assistant, the product collapsed, so jobless went hunting for work. Not immediately lucky with theatre, the constabulary gave me work destroying confidential waste, very cathartic if not especially spectacular for the mental well being.

I shall go into inspirations in a little while, which may put you somewhere closer to understanding the inner cogs of this blogger's mind, but until then, I shall be bringing you upto speed.

A short while later, work was presented to me in the form of backstage work in the local big theatre on a panto of sleeping beauty, crewing work from then on meant a steady income to enjoy socialising and a bit of creativity. All in all, not too much success, but not too little either. Crewing on shows lasted for 3 whole years and within that was a certain amount of workshop and a sliver of design thrown in...

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