Monday, 3 September 2012


So now I am here, actually here, currently.

I sit in a room, with a view of the Stroud Green Road, I have been working down in London for the past three months, firstly on a show a the new Bush theatre.

A show called the Bush Bizarre, taking up all of the spaces withing this newly rennovated, old library building, site specific theatre, all over the building had audience members sitting amongst cardboard city as Shakespeare was lovingly given in hilarious short-hand, or an improvised opera was belted out from your pizzeria topping choices. Our show was a rendition of a Tenessee Williams american blues, turned into a performance dance piece, set in a new york 50s studio flat. Best review was from the rights holder and good friend of Mr Williams, "he would have loved it, it was very him"... Well shucks.

Another show, Listening, at the Tristan Bates was a very moving account of a girl caught in an anonymous terrorist bombing, a monologue using minimal props but projection, required a whole wall of missing posters. Again, we did well and got 5 star reviews. Another great show, well pleased.

And that brings us up to speed, a show, Play the Goat is about to go onstage at the Walthamstow Olde Rose and Crown, using modular cubes that can double up as a bar or bed, you get the gist.

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